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Nothing screams celebration and decadence quite like caviar and smoked salmon.  Unlike anywhere else, you can have your caviar, smoked salmon and world class accoutrements with a single bundled purchase.   

Caviar and Salmon: 

  • Osetra White Golden Royal California (2oz)
  • Scottish Light Smoked Salmon (8oz)

World Class Accoutrements:

  • Crème Fraiche Spread (6oz)
  • Pearl Caviar Spreading Spoon
  • Mini Potato Pancake Latkes (25ct)
  • Mini White Truffle Potato Croquettes (15ct)
  • Mini Russian Blinis (40ct)

    Popular Add Ons:
    -Additional Caviar - Fish Section
    -Additional Accoutrements - Hors d'oeuvres Section
    -Additional Crème Fraiche Spread - Misc Section
    -Cream Cheese Caper Spread - Misc Section
    -Red Onion - Produce Section

    Items come pre-packaged.  You simply unpack, bake the latkes, blinis and croquettes per directions on the package then plate to create a beautiful presentation!