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  • (1) 40ct Gluten Free Classic Beef/Pork Meatballs (cooked)

  • (2) 45oz Marinara Sauce

  • (1) 1LB packs of craft chicken broccoli rabe sausage (cooked)

  • (3) 1LB Chefs Selection Artisan Pasta

  • (1) 8ct par baked mini dunking rolls

  • (1) 4oz Grated Pecorino Romano Cheese

10+ people (or one hungry person for weeks)
*items are packaged for future refrigerated or frozen storage*

This crate is loaded with so many options that you'll be screaming mama-mia! And while it can feed a small army, it is also great to freeze and stock up for future meals. First off, you will be blown away by the gluten free beef meatballs.  Our homemade sauces use the finest organic tomatoes.  As far as pasta goes, we provide some of the nicest cuts available for purchase.  Lastly, to make this crate complete, we've added artisan rolls and grated cheese.   

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