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The easiest gourmet seafood pasta dish you will ever make!  Our Seafood Pesce Sauce is loaded with flavor and a light hint of red pepper.  Our classic base recipe starts by roasting lobster and shrimp to extract the sweetest flavors.  That flavorful stock is then combined with organic plum tomato, a pinch of red pepper, fresh garlic, spices and the finest olive oil.  It is important to note that this sauce is meant for you to complete by adding any seafood from our seafood section, spaghetti and grated Romano Cheese if you please.  Feeds 4-6 when adding pasta and seafood (Portion: 32oz )

Popular Add-On Item(s) & Section: 
-Shrimp, Lobster, Scallop, etc - Seafood 
-Spaghetti or Other Pasta - Pantry
-Grated Pecorino - Cheese

-Dinner Rolls - Bakery  
-Lemon - Produce

Ingredients: (Contains: Shellfish) 
Directions:  We suggest combining with seafood.  Cook desired seafood separately (shrimp, lobster, crab, etc).  Simmer thawed Pesce Sauce.  Combine seafood with sauce, boil pasta then combine everything.  Finish with fresh parsley and cheese if desired.