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Fish experts believe this to be the most delicious crab on earth! This West Coast favorite is extremely sweet, has a meaty texture and is extremely easy to eat when compared to other crab varieties.  Enjoy this beautiful product with a wide array of our add-ons from pasta dishes to surf and turf.  You don't need much more than drawn butter to enjoy!  Portion: (Average 1.75LBS)

Popular Add-On Items & Section: 
-Pesce Seafood Pasta Sauce - Pantry 
-Spaghetti - Pantry 

-Fresh Lemon - Produce
-Filet Mignon (surf & turf) - Meat 

Ingredients: (Contains shellfish)
Directions: Arrives cooked and flash frozen. We suggest, steaming, grilling, broiling.  Can be simply served with drawn butter, addition to steak, pasta addition, etc.