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American-sturgeons (known as hackleback) produce roe harvested from the world's smallest fish, this caviar is small and firm with all the characteristics and tastes of the classic wild. The pronounced flavor and glistening black eggs with hints of emeralds and gold makes Hackleback our most popular domestic caviar. 

The roe is dark and firm with a very mild, subtle flavor. Being the only commercially fished sturgeon in the United States, Hackleback is the last American Wild caviar. (Portion:  1oz unit)

Popular Add-On Items & Section: 
-Blini - Hors D'oeuvre Section 
-Potato Pancake - Hors D'oeuvre Section 
-Smoked Salmon - Fish Section
-Caviar Spoon - Fish Section
-Creme Fraiche Topping - Sauces Section

Ingredients: (Contains: pasteurized fish)
Directions:  Ready to eat and enjoy