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These GIANT sized fresh pristine beauties will delight your eyes and pallet with the boldest largest size and tremendous flavor.  They average 10 pieces per pound.

Straight from the cold waters of New England, these sweet, nutty flavored Divers Scallops are a delicious treat. Hand picked off the rocks by scuba divers, our scallops are fresher since they are shipped directly and are all natural without preservative (Portion 1LB)

Popular Add-On Items & Section: 
-Pesce Seafood Pasta Sauce - Pantry 
-Spaghetti - Pantry 
-Lobster Ravioli - Seafood
-Cocktail Sauce - Misc 
-Fresh Lemon - Produce
-Filet Mignon (surf & turf) - Meat 

Ingredients: (Contains shellfish)
Directions: Arrives raw. We suggest grilling, broiling or steaming.  Can be simply served with drawn butter, addition to steak, pasta addition, etc.