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Large grain, light amber to golden colored roe from the Amur or Japanese Sturgeon makes for an relatively unknown but unbelievable tasting caviar. This 100% Acipenser schrenckii caviar is not commonly farmed in its true form despite having characteristics similar to roe from popular Russian Sturgeon species. 

This large fish produces plump, delicious eggs that resemble fine Kaluga in taste and appearance. Glossy eggs with buttery notes and a firm creamy texture are on par with the finest Kaluga in luxurious quality. (Portion:  1oz unit)

Popular Add-On Items & Section: 
-Blini - Hors D'oeuvre 
-Potato Pancake - Hors D'oeuvre 
-Smoked Salmon - Seafood
-Caviar Spoon - Seafood 
-Creme Fraiche Topping - Sauces 

Ingredients: (Contains: pasteurized fish)
Directions:  Ready to eat and enjoy