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AS FEATURED ON:  Anthony Bourdain 2008 - Galacia Spain- 
"What you are seeing is in fact some of the finest most delicious seafood in the world. The most mind blowing part of this is that it comes off the boat, goes straight to the can and gets better with age." 

Yes it is all true and once you taste these amazing ocean gems you will see that they are incredibly velvety with beautiful texture,  color and amazing flavor.  Use them for small tapas plates to enjoy with beer or wine or just to have as a luxurious snack.  
(Portion:  4.9oz unit)

Popular Add-On Items & Section: 
-Mini Baguette - Bakery  
-Bruschetti Cracker Toasts - Cheese & Charcuterie
-Spaghetti - Pantry 

Ingredients: (Contains: fish)
Directions:  Ready to eat and enjoy