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HANDMADE FRESH MADE TO ORDER, lightly salted organic tortilla corn strips are ultimate for many party and snacking uses.  Use with our queso dip, fresh salsa, posole soup, garnish for tuna tartar and more.  Unlike triangular chips these are perfect for scooping, plating and have that home made authentic gourmet look.  (Portion: 1LB Container). 

Popular Add-On Items & Section: 
-Buffalo Queso Dip - SIDES
-Yucatan Posole Soup - SOUP
-Longhorn Cowboy Chili - SOUP
-California Organic Fresh Salsa - SAUCES

Ingredients: (Contains: Milk, Wheat, Soy) 
Directions:  Bake 350F 7-8 Minutes to internal temperature of 165F and desired color & texture