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These tuna blocks are ready to be cut for perfect sushi or quick seared for the ultimate tataki sear.  For your convenience the blocks are perfectly cut into rectangles for easy slicing.  Add Tuna Tataki Crusting Kit and Wasabi Soy (sold separately) for the ultimate experience.  See suggested adds below.  (Portion:  (2) 8oz Blocks).

Popular Add-On Items & Section: -Tataki Tuna Crusting Kit - Seafood
-Lemon Grapeseed Oil (for searing) - Grocery 
-Citrus Wasabi Soy (for dipping or drizzle) - Sauces 
-Mango Wasabi Dipping Sauce  (for dipping & drizzle) - Sauces 

Ingredients: Ahi Tuna (contains fish)
Directions: Arrives raw, we suggest quick searing or grilling and serving with included tuna tataki crusting sushi kit.