Carnivore Grill Crate

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  • (2) 16oz Angus NY Strips

  • (2) 20oz Kansas City Ribeye

  • (1) 3.5LB Rack Hawaiian Ribs (cooked)

  • (1) 20oz Japanese BBQ Tenderloin Tip Skewers

  • (1) 20oz Citrus Herb Chicken Tenderloin Skewer

  • (1) 1LB Craft Broccoli Rabe Chicken Sausage (cooked)

  • (1) 3.5LB Hickory Smoked Chicken Quarter (cooked)

  • (4) Half Pound Jumbo Angus Burgers

8-10 people 
(or one hungry person for weeks)
*items are packaged for future refrigerated or frozen storage*

We made grilling easy by pre-cooking, marinating and skewering the most time consuming items! Our usda butcher program cuts the freshest steaks daily. Craft recipes of ribs and smoked chicken.   Beef and chicken skewers are unique in flavor and make a perfect starter. Lastly, our craft broccoli rabe sausage and juicy thick burgers complete the grill.  
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1) Packaging
Items are packaged in cryovac bags and can be eaten right away or stored and frozen for future use. We suggest eating within 7 days or freezing which can preserve products for up to 6 months.

2) Prep (There is no prep, we’ve done it all for you):
Steaks: Twin Packed Raw
Beef Skewers: Marinated Raw
Chicken Skewers: Marinated Raw
Burgers: Raw
Ribs: Cooked - They have been marinated for 24 hours and slow cooked for 2 hours
Rosemary Chicken: We have marinated for 24 hours and slow cooked for 1 hour
Chicken Sausage: This is pre-cooked, just heat and serve

3) Cooking:
Great on the grill or in the oven. In fact, we prefer the ribs to be cooked in the over, but the choice is yours!

*Additional Notes
Items are shipped to you fresh. We suggest using within 7 days of receipt or freezing. If you have a weekend event, order Wednesday by 11AM EST for Thursday delivery. The crate comes insulated. If you do not have room in your refrigerator, you can add ice to the insulation and it will remain cold as long as you keep adding ice.