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A truly unique ingredient, Green Bamboo Rice is a beautiful jade color, produced by mixing short grain rice with the juice of a young bamboo plant. The result is a rice that is sticky and moist - very similar to sushi rice in that respect - with a nice subtle aroma much like green tea. The flavor is very mild, so you won't find a big difference with normal white rice in taste, but it's that beautiful grass color that will make a huge impact on any dish. Also, the addition of bamboo juice makes this rice higher in vitamin B than other rice. When you buy bamboo rice, soak it for 6 hours, drain and rinse repeatedly. You can replace Green Bamboo Rice for white rice on any recipe, so play with the colors and create beautiful, unique dishes..

(Portion: 16oz Package)

Ingredients: (Contains: Rice)
Directions:  Item arrives dry.  Cook per instruction on bag.