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The star of this super-gourmet crate is Noah’s Angus Brisket which has been carefully prepared, seasoned & braised in a white wine root vegetable jus for 8hrs.  Included with brisket is Noah’s Bolo Sauce which is a Bolognese style reduction of organic tomatoes, roasted vegetables, fresh garlic & spices.  The end result is a lick-the-plate culinary experience!  See below for the many additions included with this crate. (Brisket Portion:  3LBS Perfectly Trimmed Sliced Brisket & 2LBS Bolo Sauce = 5LBS - Serves 6-8+)

-Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup 90oz (gluten free) 
-Classic Potato Pancakes 25ct (mini gluten free) 
-Sweet Potato Pancakes 25ct (mini gluten free)
-Crème fraîche Spread (8oz)
-Cream of Spinach (32oz) 
-Tri Colored Sous Vide Roasted Carrots (24oz) 

-Raspberry Rugelach 12ct

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    Brisket arrives fully cooked and sliced in a cryo-vac bag. Sides arrive in oven-safe tins and sous vide bags. 

    BRISKET (Sous Vide Cryo-Bag or Bake)
    SOUS VIDE METHOD (Preferred):  From Thaw, large pot simmer 7" water.  When water reaches temperature just below boil, place unopened Cryo-Bag into simmering water. Cook for 30 minutes.  Note:  The water should not be boiling at any point.  
    OVEN BAKE:  Open Bag bag and pour contents into baking dish.  Foil cover and bake at 350F for 35-40minutes.   

    SIDES: From Thaw, cover with foil and bake per instructions on label. 

    You can always follow instructions on packaging to complete cooking and heating.