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These vibrant colored roasted carrots are as much of a delight on the eyes as they are on the pallet.  The recipe starts with heirloom organic tri colored carrots seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and spices.  They carrots are delicately sous vide roasted just to the point where you need only to heat them up to enjoy.  They also arrive is a sous vide simmer bag which you drop into boiling water to have your carrots ready to serve in minutes.  (Portion: 1.5LBS - Serves 6). 

Ingredients: (Contains: Carrots)
Directions:  Place unopened sous vide carrot bag directly into simmering water.  Be sure the water is deep enough and is not violently boiling.  At 5-8 minutes remove from water, scissor snip the bag and plate.